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Test and Condition High Voltage Battery – 2nd Gen PRIUS—Includes Power and Energy testing of hybrid high voltage battery system. Battery pack operation and performance significantly effects vehicle fuel economy. The NiMH battery pack is Power tested to assess the ability of the battery to transfer power to the electric drive motor. Battery modules are replaced as needed. Battery is cycled (discharging and charging process) to increase the capacity of the battery pack. Cycling will increase the battery pack capacity to approximately 92% – 95% of a new battery pack. Includes inspecting all high voltage cabling for breaks, cuts, etc. , and 2 cycles of the battery pack. Road test included.

$2,499 plus tax and shop supplies

Inspecting and Repairing High Voltage Cables— Inspect the outside sheath of the high voltage cables only). If cables are cut, gashed, tears they are repaired properly using Vulko-Wrap tape.

Parts plus Labor

Replace Cables from Battery Packs to Power Invertor—Only if a cut in the cable compromises the shield or copper core.

Parts plus Labor

All battery reconditioning services are covered by our 2-year warranty, limited to 25,000 miles/year, non-fleet usage.

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