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The service at MPC is great. The staff genuinely cares about cars, they have great communication while your car is in for service and their pricing can't be beat. I wouldn't hesitate to take my car back to them or to recommend them to anyone else!
, Apr 19, 2017
Everything was great, so easy, quick, my car looks amazing and when I dropped off the car you guys gave me a Lyft to work which was amazing. Thanks for everything!
, Nov 14, 2017
Great service always exceeding expectations
, Nov 16, 2017
customer care is simply excellent. Very Attentive for scheduling appointments. Email delivery of a digestible report format for service as your vehicle is being assessed, and a very efficient timeline to execute the work.
, Sep 12, 2017
Fantastic service!
, Jun 13, 2017
Service was fantastic ..
, Jan 18, 2018
My experience was great. It was easy to schedule an appointment, Chris met me at the door, hired an Uber for me, serviced my car quickly, had it washed and waiting for me when I got back! Highly recommended.
, Feb 20, 2018
Great work. Outstanding customer service and very helpful staff. Favorite repair shop.
, Mar 14, 2018
You guys are great!
, Nov 1, 2017
Great service as always
, Dec 8, 2017
As always, easy to work with and superior service. A great job.
, Jul 5, 2017
everyone is very aware of what they are doing. always offer to help pick me up or take me home. my car is always washed when I pick it up. the over all experience is worth the money.
, May 10, 2017
It was a very good experience totally satisfy I secieve what I expect a very good service
, Mar 24, 2017
I'm very happy that I found Midwest Performance Cars. Thank you very much Chris, Jonathan, Ryan and all other guys who worked on my Cayenne! I'm really appreciate for all you hard work and professionalism. You are a great team and I hope you will continue to be the same since from on I will service my car only at your place!
, Mar 14, 2018
had previous service done a couple months ago with a small issue afterwards. Chris @ Midwest Performance took care of the problem while communicate throughout the process. Love doing business with these professionals in every sense of the word.
, Nov 13, 2017
Excellent awareness, care, and professionalism.
, Jun 6, 2017
Great service and communication. I ve always been happy with both the work and the workers.
, Dec 13, 2017
Very good service and knowledgeable service personnel
, Jan 16, 2018
Outstanding as always!!! Like a trip to the candy store..😊
, Apr 8, 2017
Great work, quick and efficient.
, Jun 20, 2017
From a frequent customer, Always great services
, Jul 4, 2017
Everything was thorough and completed as prescribed and I am totally satisfied
, Jun 11, 2017
Excellent service
, Sep 22, 2017
Midwest Performance is fantastic. They brought my X3 back to life and it feels like a brand new car. I won't trust anybody else for my BMW needs from here on out.
, Apr 17, 2017
I totally trust Midwest Performance to service my Porsche. As always they did a thorough inspection and gave me a comprehensive, point by point overview of the issues affecting my vehicle's performance. Chris is wonderful and assisted me with creating a repair plan for my vehicle. They are extremely trustworthy and my car is working well. Best car repair shop in the Midwest!
, Nov 16, 2017
Excellent service!
, Apr 26, 2017
Once again, Midwest has my car running in top-notch form at a great price. I trust them to take perfect care of my Audi SQ5, while working with my budget. I'm so grateful for finding them and would recommend anyone who owns a Porsche or Audi to give them a try
, Aug 25, 2017
Jonathan, Chris and teams at Midwest Performance are terrific. I've been a customer for more than a dozen years and they have taken great care of my cars. MPC provides laymen's level explanations of issues, alternatives to resolve them and a look over the horizon to avoid surprises with upcoming maintenance. They are knowledgeable and, even more important, trustworthy.
, May 12, 2017
Fabulous experience overall! I pulled up to have oil changed and was very nicely informed that I needed to make an appointment. They made it easy and quick to do so on the spot. A few weeks later, I showed up for the appointment and was offered a free Uber to work. I received detailed updates about my car including pricing during the day and was notified as soon as it was ready to pick up. Gotta love the free car wash, too.
, May 3, 2018
I'm always happy with the service. Good guys, honest and fair.
, Mar 25, 2017
Very knowledgeable with great customer service,Chris, Jonathan and Ryan.
, Dec 6, 2017
Great communication and follow through. Quality work on a complex repair. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.
, Sep 15, 2017
As always, MPC is a great company that takes better than excellent care of my car!
, Jun 23, 2017
Great team at MPC
, Jun 28, 2017
Excellent service, friendly staff, technicians are very experienced and able to diagnose problems that other workshops couldn't discover.
, Feb 12, 2018
Excellent shop.
, May 13, 2017
Timely and accurate service, these folks do the research and the hard work for you.
, Jun 23, 2017
These guys are on top of it!
, Aug 24, 2017
Friendly, kept me informed and very efficient. Thank you
, Oct 28, 2017
Midwest Performance Cars is outstanding in every respect. The quality of the technical work is outstanding. The responsiveness of the service advisors is excellent and the information provided on the recommended service is rigorously detailed, more so than any service experience at any other shop that I have experienced. Factory dealers are not in the same league. You can tell that everyone at MPC has a deep appreciation for European performance autos – they treat your vehicle as if it were theirs, they recognize that these are much more than just vehicles. I would not take my Porsche 911 anywhere else.
, Sep 24, 2017
, Apr 19, 2018
I was desperate and dateless in Columbus, Ohio. My daughter phoned and advised that her 2006 E500 wagon was not starting. She hustled over to the Chicago Benz dealer who predictably tried to rip me off. I hit the Mercedes boards via the internet and my prayers were answered in the form of Midwest Performance Cars. Chris and Jonathan were the point men who capably and professionally solved all of my automotive repair and maintenance needs. Trustworthy, competent, communicative and on time. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.
, Mar 23, 2017
Best in the city. My car is my love and Chris and Jonathan treat her that way. Thanks guys
, Aug 1, 2017
There is no better place in Chicago or the Midwest to care for your prized possession.
, Jun 21, 2017
Service was excellent. Everything went like clock work - Drop off, communication regarding services needed and pick up.
, Jul 10, 2017
Great experience! We'll be back for future car service needs.
, Oct 16, 2017
, Sep 23, 2017
Great service and so easy to work with. LR4 is in great hands!
, Nov 19, 2017
Great experiences with MPC. Great communication and great work. Keep up the great work!
, Dec 6, 2017
The staff at MPC was extremely helpful and professional in answering all of my questions before I had my service done. They were extremely accommodating to the time in which I needed my vehicle returned and they provided pictures of the entire service process along the way. I would recommend their services to anyone with a foreign vehicle needing repairs, maintenance or upgrades as they were less expensive than the dealer and much more accommodating.
, Mar 15, 2018
You guys are always very helpful and informative. My car runs better than it did the day I bought it. Ryan was also very kind to buy me a Lyft ride when I came in to drop it off. Thank you again for your services.
, Mar 14, 2018
Awesome service as always !
, Jan 16, 2018
Great as always.
, Oct 24, 2017
As always, terrific service and great price/value
, Nov 6, 2017
No complaints. You guys always try to manage costs, be prompt, communicate. I appreciate the effort and am always treated fairly. No reason to go elsewhere for car-related services.
, Oct 12, 2017
Jonathan and Chris are always very professional and transparent about the work that needs to be completed
, Mar 24, 2017
Outstanding as always.
, Apr 6, 2017
Made an appointment for service on my Porsche Cayenne. Showed up at the agreed upon time and was taken promptly. They explained what they were going to do which had previously been written out on an estimate. Serviced the car accordingly, on time, and the estimate was identical to the final bill. I recommend them highly and will use them in the future. Offered to wash my car but was in a hurry so couldn't take them up on the offer. Ryan was as courteous as can be as were all the technicians. 5 stars.
, Jun 8, 2017
Professional and friendly services. Thanks a lot to Chris !!! Highly recommended!
, May 13, 2018
Excellent and very great people and charming nice folks to deal with
, Jun 13, 2017
Appointment was made, and kept. Great communication. Timelines were kept. Chris and the team gave well thought out explanations of the proposed repairs. He also sent updates with pre and post pictures of some leaks.
, Aug 24, 2017
You guys did a great job, thanks so much for working on the Mini and curing the wheel vibrations. I'll see you guys soon when the motor mounts/dampers will be changed.
, May 23, 2017
It’s always a pleasure working the guys in the shop. They are trustworthy, and I won’t take my car anywhere else. It’s great to have an auto shop you trust, and don’t feel ripped off going to.
, Nov 14, 2017
As always it was an incredible experience. There really isn’t anywhere else I would take my E63 AMG.
, Apr 4, 2018
MPC keeps my BMW 335 running like a top. Appointments are easy, the staff excellent and most important these folks are straight up honest about work that is needed now, vs work that can wait a bit. The mechanics are great and the pricing is reasonable.
, Sep 21, 2017
Always outstanding service top to bottom. Efficient, honest work from a highly professional staff.
, Apr 7, 2018
Great service, very professional and provide tons of detail, including pictures and diagrams in the process. That helps a ton!
, Oct 2, 2017
Another Great visit at MPC... Many thanks
, Jan 16, 2018
MPC continues cogent, concise auto repair. Their showcasing of the problem via email and commitment to communication to the necessary repairs is a breath of fresh air.
, May 7, 2018
Staff is always courteous and efficient. I know to trust the service and don’t worry about the work performed. Unfortunately, it comes at a height price!
, Feb 1, 2018
I have had my poor old BM'r in for a few issues in the past few months. She is an old lady and I always feel that the staff here are giving me the straight poop when it comes to what does and what does not need to be done right away. It does cost to drive The Ultimate Driving Machine and I know that and I also feel like Midwest works with me and is not just looking to do the most they can to make some dough. If you need mechanics you can trust I think this is the place to be. And Lyft service as well as a nice wash make the necessary repairs easier to swallow.
, Oct 16, 2017
I'm definitely happy with the service and I will be returning with my business in the future. My experience at Midwest performance cars was a lot better than dealing with the dealership.
, Apr 4, 2017
Great job, as usual!
, Oct 26, 2017
Impressive shop and great guys to work with. Look forward to bringing you all sorts of toys in the future.
, Mar 29, 2017
Communication and advice were great. Workmanship was great, too, and the price was exactly what I expected. The true shining point in my opinion was the degree to which it was a team environment. They included us in the decisions, gave us information and detailed advice (including pictures explaining the pros and cons on the various decisions). We have a 2003 Subaru Outback, and their advice was absolutely in line with the value/age/purpose of the vehicle. And, to boot, they seemed genuinely interested in the job/car itself. I'd give it six stars if I could. Will definitely return if and when another problem comes up. Great team and great experience.
, Sep 27, 2017
Professional, provided me with clear information and the prices are affordable. Much needed for a German import owner!
, Sep 15, 2017
Trustworthy and great customer service.
, May 6, 2017
All the guys R just great thanks again
, Dec 23, 2017
Thanks to Jonathan, Brandon and the crew at MPC for keeping my Cayenne maintained and safe for me and my family. Much Appreciated
, Sep 13, 2017
Great service as always.
, Jul 12, 2017
Great Service and they give you a clean car back:)
, Dec 4, 2017
, Mar 28, 2018
Great service!
, Apr 25, 2017
These guys run an amazingly efficient operation. Very communicative, transparent and responsive. The Uber/Lyft ride to/from work is brilliant and appreciated.
, Sep 13, 2017
As always great, knowledgable service from really good people. Thanks!
, Oct 11, 2017
Excellent experience! Customer service was great. You topped off my oil until I could get in for an app then when it came time for service MPC was very communicative & explained everything. Estimate was very thorough & loved the detail with pictures. I truly appreciate the respect and excellent service show to me! Thank you :)
, Feb 16, 2018
High level of attention to detail. Clear communication of pricing and timing. All and all, a great repair experience.
, Jul 31, 2017
Excellent service as has been my consistent experience with MPC since first coming here with my old-ish BMW several years ago. The diagnosis was thorough, the repairs promptly performed even though this occurred shortly before the holidays, and everyone was professional and courteous. I particularly want to thank MPC for respecting my desire to keep the repair costs down, since I will be purchasing a new car soon. I highly recommend MPC.
, Dec 20, 2017
Always professional, honest and efficient
, Jan 10, 2018
Service done on time and as promised.
, Apr 17, 2017
I don't have much to say really. I bought a used Audi S5 recently. MPC performed a thorough inspection, changed my oil and swapped out winter tires for summer tires. They were professional, reasonably priced and obviously passionate about their work. They seem very knowledgeable about German performance automobiles. They will continue to get my business.
, Apr 11, 2017
Guys your communication has been outstanding, and the work has been great. Excited to continue doing business with you
, Oct 2, 2017
It's like you had a family member in the business. Their level of customer service, communication and value has few peers. Can't recommend them enough. They have a simple formula: quality knowledgeable service and they genuinely care that you are a happy customer.
, Apr 4, 2018
As always, outstanding service in every respect, from making the appointment, updates during repairs, to picking up. My BMW has never run better since bringing it to MPC several years ago. An absolute unqualified endorsement from me. Honest, professional, and friendly service with highly talented and knowledgeable mechanics.
, Nov 14, 2017
Always professional
, Aug 9, 2017
MPC is amazing - I would not take my Audi anywhere else. They are diligent, hardworking, honest and trustworthy, and truly experts in what they do. There is never a sales pitch on any add-on services, their candor is refreshing and their focus on customers differentiates them from all of the competition. Thanks, MPC!
, Feb 14, 2018
Excellent work done in the required time frame on my 2000 Golf.
, Jul 20, 2017
Quick and accommodating, very helpful as usual.
, Dec 11, 2017
Always a pleasure working with MPC. Only shop that touches my car. Thanks gents!
, Apr 6, 2017
Attention to detail with honest recommendations.
, Nov 8, 2017

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