2016 Porsche Cayman GT4

This 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 is in today for a pre-track inspection, oil service, and brake fluid flush. Our customer just picked up this GT4, having traded in his previous track car, the very capable Porsche Cayman S. Seeing as how the first time he took the S out to the track, he boiled his


Midwest Performance Cars has been contacted by Volkswagen with details on the proposed settlements regarding emission systems of vehicles equipped with the 2.0-liter TDI engine. Owners of eligible 2.0-liter TDI vehicles are entitled to a significant cash payments under the settlements. In addition to that cash payment, owners may also choose between an emissions modification

MPC Helps Out a Veteran on His Cross Country Trip

MPC is thrilled to have been able to help out Andy on his cross-country trip from New York to Oregon. Andy is a veteran of the Marine Corps and served in Desert Storm. He has led a fascinating life and is full of amazing stories. Andy worked as a military contractor after his service and

Vote for Midwest Performance Cars

Midwest Performance Cars was selected as one of ten finalists in the AT&T Agility Challenge. Please visit the link below where you can view our brief presentation and vote once per day, every day until July 26th. Help us in getting the highest vote tally! We are very proud to be the only business in Chicago to

Cost Comparison: Should I keep my existing BMW or should I buy new?

We have more than the occasional customer who, when faced with a significant repair bill, will ask us if they should keep their current, paid-off car or just trade in and go with a new vehicle – and all of the car payments that come with it. This question comes up so often, in fact, that

Toyota Camry Battery Reconditioning

A very astute hybrid owner brought his 2007, 80,000 mile Toyota Camry Hybrid to our shop after seeing his check engine light. Computerized analysis of the hybrid battery pack found 2 severely compromised V-blocks in the pack. Replacement of the 2 V-blocks, followed by 2 power-cycling operations, resulted in this pristinely clean hybrid pack coming

Takata Airbag Recall Update

We are posting this as part of the continuing awareness campaign regarding Honda and Acura airbag recalls. This information was provided to us today by American Honda Motor Company, to be forwarded to anyone that we believe may have a defective Takata airbag in their vehicle. The following information has been provided by American Honda

Google 360° Photo Shoot Day!

In addition to a busy week of maintenance & repair on some of the most fun and interesting cars in the Chicago area, we all pulled double duty in getting the shop ready for our first ever Google 360° photo shoot. The end result can be seen by clicking on the photo below. Take a

Car Batteries – What Do I Need To Know?

At Midwest Performance Cars we receive a lot of vehicles that are towed in as they suddenly will not start. This is often due to a failed battery and is very prevalent during the winter months. However, your battery is just one part of your vehicle’s complex electrical system. A dead battery may be a

Instrument Cluster Warning Lights – What You Should Know:

Many people do not know what all the warning lights on their instrument panels mean – or more importantly – what to do if they illuminate. These lights often need immediate attention, as they are usually telling you that something is wrong. It could mean that conditions are unsafe for you and your passengers, or