Das Renntreffen – Part 1

We were fortunate to attend the 2017 Das Renntreffen Porsche gathering and car show, the largest event of its kind in South Florida. With more than 250 Porsche automobiles honoring the Porsche design concept that design follows function, Das Renntreffen attracts enthusiasts from around the world and doubles as a community fundraiser for local charities

Porsche 997 Engine Rebuild Project

Reassembly is underway on our customer’s Porsche 997 engine rebuild project. This Porsche is owned by a true enthusiast, who thoroughly enjoys driving his 997 cabrio every day that he can.  With just under 75,000 miles on the odometer, his engine had begun to lose oil pressure upon warmup. Our diagnosis revealed a worn rear

When your car outlasts its technology

What do you do when your vehicle lasts too long? This sounds like an answer to a question that no one is asking, but bear with us for a bit here. What happens if your car outlasts the technology that it came equipped with? That issue is soon to impact many BMW owners, with the

MPC Tool Review – Car Care

Every vehicle on the road shares one common part that is both a critical piece of safety equipment as well as a crucial operational part, and that is, the tires. Unfortunately, tires are also the most ignored and abused part of many cars in operation today. Operationally, your tires are your connection to the road.

Pre-purchase Inspection

Buying a preowned car – Is a PPI worth it? “I ran a VIN check and reviewed the service history, the car looks great, what can go wrong?” The answer is, plenty. Without a pre-purchase inspection, you might only have half of the story of that vehicle’s previous life, and you don’t want to unknowingly

You can keep this limited technology, I’ll take my air-cooled 911!

Tesla announced that the new Model X and Model S vehicles will be equipped with hardware that will enable them to have total autonomous-driving capabilities at some future date. However, in a move similar to the Apple User Agreement, buried deep within the info about these vehicles and their possible capabilities is this caveat: “Please

Regarding Forums

Here at MPC, we love cars. We love working on them, talking and reading about them, and just being surrounded by great automotive work every day. In fact, we are in continuously in learning mode, it would be foolish not to be. So it naturally follows that in addition to our many professional sources of

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4

This 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 is in today for a pre-track inspection, oil service, and brake fluid flush. Our customer just picked up this GT4, having traded in his previous track car, the very capable Porsche Cayman S. Seeing as how the first time he took the S out to the track, he boiled his