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  • Checked It Out Chicago

    Checked It Out Chicago

    Midwest Performance Cars recently co-sponsored a unique Porsche gathering that took place in the heart of downtown Chicago. The event, named Checked It Out Chicago (quite a mouthful no doubt), sought to bring together rare and unusual Porsche vehicles and their owners in an urban setting, as opposed to the usual suburban Saturday morning Cars

  • Porsche 997 Series

    Porsche 997 Series

    The Porsche 997 series is the highest production number version in the venerable 911 lineage, with over 200,000 made. It is understandable then, that there is a high demand for aftermarket performance upgrades for the 997. One of the most popular upgrades is an aftermarket exhaust, both for an improved sound as well as nominal

  • I spun my 911………and it was pretty cool

    I spun my 911………and it was pretty cool

    It’s not what you’re thinking, but I just couldn’t resist, so allow me to explain. The ’76 911S project car caught a lot of eyeballs earlier this year, and one of the people who took notice is a good friend, client, and fellow business owner, Jeff Hunt. Jeff and his wife Chris founded Snap36, the


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