Midwest Performance Cars is pleased to announce the addition of Hybrid Service and Repair to our location at 1385 W. Lake Street in Chicago, Illinois. This new service provides an environmentally-sound alternative to battery replacement to enhance Hybrid battery power for restoring fuel economy, cost savings, and vehicle performance.

Midwest Performance Cars’ technicians have participated in a full Hybrid training program and SAE credential classes, to become certified technicians in the “conditioning” of hybrid batteries. Battery conditioning increases the amount of electric battery usage to save customers money and to save the environment by not adding to the waste stream. By conditioning the battery, consumers save over 70%, or a cost upwards of $4,500, by avoiding replacement of the battery due to a decrease in mileage per gallon or sluggish performance.

This exclusive new service offering, known as “your battery’s fountain of youth,” comes largely as a result of the increased growth the Hybrid vehicle market has experienced in recent years. With over 4 million Hybrids on the road, Hybrid vehicles account for a growing percentage of the total new car market.

The U.S. Department of Energy forecasts that  the number of new Hybrid vehicle models produced is expected to double, or even triple over the next ten years. With these numbers growing and expected to continue to expand, Midwest Performance Cars realized the potential to further support Hybrid owners by ensuring their vehicles are operating at peak levels of performance, and in the most environmentally and economically friendly manner possible.

By offering this service, Midwest Performance Cars not only continues to provide the Chicago area Excellence in European Automotive Service for general motor vehicles, but we are now extending our services to Hybrid vehicle owners to ensure a cost-effective option to replacing their vehicles’ existing batteries.

The Midwest Performance Cars’ Comprehensive Hybrid Battery Conditioning Services deliver the benefits of maximum vehicle performance, as well as optimal use from current Hybrid batteries, to extend their lives longer than ever before. The majority of Hybrids over five or six years old will require battery conditioning to maintain its maximum fuel economy, which is about 50 miles per gallon, on average. Without this service, this figure can drop as much as 5 or 10 miles per gallon or more over the years resulting in a loss of almost $2,000 over the course of five years. These new services available provide Hybrid customers with the opportunity to keep their vehicles running at maximum capacity. In addition, and as an environmental incentive, this is a green, cost-effective option to receive like-new performance from their existing battery.

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